Buffalo-Bison-Paskwa Moostoos outreach program with Edmonton Public Library

Once again, the Musée Héritage Museum has been invited to present a program at all Edmonton Public Library locations this summer!  The hour long drop in program is called: Buffalo-Bison-Paskwa Moostoos

This year the program is all about an amazing animal, the bison, and how Indigenous Peoples used the bison from the nose to the tail and everything in between!

Children (and adults) have the chance to compare a bison rib bone to their own ribs and then learn how the bison was very much like the ‘general store’ of the Prairies for 1000’s of years.

Visit www.epl.ca for dates and locations.

Visit https://epl.bibliocommons.com/events/search/index for all events at EPL.

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