Boyle Street Community Center Outreach

The tradition of finger weaving creates a bridge between time, place, and culture.  Musée Héritage Museum staff members, Celina and Alex, had the opportunity to share the history and tradition of finger weaving with many people who dropped in at the Boyle Street Center on three afternoons in December.

Sashes, pictures, and sample weave examples were on display to teach people how to do two types of weaving: back weave and stipple weave (see photos for examples of each).

Stipple Weave example

Back weave example

It was interesting speaking with many different people and one of my favourite questions was “how did people in the past learn how to do stuff like this?” We were able to have an excellent discussion about how people learned by trying new things out of curiosity, inventing things that suited their needs, and sharing ideas and goods with diverse groups of people and each other.


Staff at Boyle Street were a great and we plan to be back again for more sharing and learning in the new year.  Thank you for inviting us into your space and we will see you again soon!

Happy Holidays to everyone from all of the staff at the Musée Héritage Museum and Heritage Sites in St. Albert, Alberta.