ASA Conference 2016: The Truth about Archives

24805-ASA-conference-02-1Hi everyone, this is Vino back at it. I have the good fortune of being the archivist at the Musée Héritage Museum and also be a member of the Archives Society of Alberta (ASA). It has given me the opportunity to visit many different institutions and partake in professional development opportunities to both enhance my own knowledge of the archival field and also hopefully apply some of this knowledge at our museum. One of those recent professional development opportunities occurred in Canmore in early May this year at the ASA conference, entitled “The Truth about Archives”.


I will be posting a few blog posts going forward in The Truth about Archives series where I will point out some of the topics covered at the conference. I felt these topics were personally enticing, but at the same time I believe the topics have relevance to everyone in Canada, regardless of your profession. The premise for the conference is that archivists, intentionally or not, construct historical narratives when we decide on what materials to take into our archives and provide access. Our decisions and practices will shape the collective body of records, which in turn will help shape our understanding of our history. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in Canada inspired this conference, and it led to wonderful sessions about understanding the nature of records with respect to aboriginal peoples and also other marginalized or underrepresented groups. So please stay tuned as I highlight some of my experiences in these blog series.