Articulture in St. Albert

Partnership between Musée Héritage Museum and Michif Cultural and Resource Institute:

We were excited to partner with Michif Cultural and Resource Institute for Articulture. On April 9, a number of people came out to learn beadwork at the Musée.  In keeping with the early Métis heritage of St. Albert we would like to offer more workshops on beadwork within St. Albert.
MJ instructing the class


At the Musée Héritage Museum we offered a small beading project inspired by our Métis Bead Work exhibit.  For a small fee participants learned to bead a small Wild Rose brooch.  This workshop will be offered again.



At 10 Meadowview lane (the oblate house) the Michif Institute will offer traditional Rattle Making.  For a small fee participants would learn how the ancient ones made rattles for ceremony and for their babies.
Pattern for Fire Bag
These two courses would be run simultaneously for afternoon programming. The date is TBA.
There should be an age limit with these teachings; the participant should be 10 years of age and over.
Submitted by Sharon Morin
Lead Aboriginal Programmer