Archives Week – October 3-9, 2015 at the Musée Héritage Museum

The Archives Society of Alberta (ASA) celebrates Archives Week every year in October. Each year a theme is chosen and this year the theme is “Alberta for Sale”, which highlights the history of advertising in Alberta.


Every year the ASA prints an annual calendar based on archival photos submitted by institutional members of the ASA from around the province.


Victor Post fonds, 2012.02.181. Photograph by St. Albert photographer, Victor Post.
Wayne Gretzky and Pro Stars Cereal, 1983 – 1984. Victor Post fonds, 2012.02.181.


The Musée Héritage Museum Archives is a proud member of the ASA contributed five photographs.  We are honoured that one of our photos, Wayne Gretzky and Pro Stars Cereal, was chosen as the cover for the 2016 ASA calendar! The photograph was taken by renowned St. Albert photographer, Victor Post.






Throughout the week of October 3-9, 2015  there will be a special display of archival materials, from our own Archives, set up in the museum to highlight St. Albert advertising and product placement. You will also see all the photographs we contributed to the ASA, including Wayne and some cute kids with puppies!


The Musée’s Archivist, Vino, will also be giving tours of the archival storage area for any of our visitors who might be interested in seeing this space.


Thank you to Megan Siu, the Archives Assistant, for helping setup the display. Check out her blog on her experience putting up the display: Alberta For Sale.


On Saturday, October 10, we will have a special drop-in program at the museum  for Archives Week.  The film “Alberta for Sale“will be shown and it features archival footage of commercials from several archives in Alberta.  Participants can also create their own advertisements based on historic objects we will have out on display. Once you figure out what the object is, and how it was used, then you can create an advertisement of your own using old ads from local St. Albert newspapers as inspiration.


There is plenty to do at the Musée Héritage Museum for Archives Week 2015! Make sure to come by,  take a look at the display and take part in our drop-in program on October 10 from 1-4pm (guided program will begin at 1:30).


The brand new 2016 ASA calendar is also available for purchase–just $5 buys this unique calendar and supports your local archive as well!