Archives Moment: What’s our oldest archival item?

Welcome to our Archives Moment! One of the questions that our archivist often receives is what is the oldest archival item in Musée Héritage Museum Archives. In this week’s Archives Moment, our archivist gives you the answer and will even show it to you!

The archival item in the video above is part of a larger group of records from the Weiller and Williams Co. Ltd. This company was a cattle commission company that was one of the oldest of its kind in North America. In early 2015, the Musée Héritage Museum was approached with this donation to ensure the proper preservation of this amazing collection and all of the stories it has to tell. Not only do we have records from the company, but also records from the family of Lee Williams, and as well as artifacts.

The Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd. ledger book from 1928.

We have a special section on our website devoted this collection from the Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd:

You’ll find quite a bit of archival materials on the web page above. Based on that web page, try out this activity and see if you can answer questions about the company and Williams family:

If you managed to solve all the questions above, try this harder Archives Challenge:

Have you solved the Challenge as well? We have one BONUS challenge left for you!

Lee Williams with 1959 Canadian Derby winner Sonoma.

Thank you for taking part in our activities this week, you can take a look at the answers here once you are done:

If you are interested to see what else we have in the Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd. records, please see our online database for a description of the records: