Archives Moment: Victor Post’s St. Albert photos

This Archives Moment continues to look at renowned St. Albert photographer Victor Post and his work that focused on St. Albert.

Post was known for his photography, but did you know that he had many different interests in his life?

As a child he developed an interest in experimenting with electronics and this would lead him to compete at national and international science fairs.  During his life he received certification for scuba diving, attended private and commercial aviation schools, studied classical guitar, and even served as an auxiliary constable for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police!

Despite all these interests, photography was what connected Post to St. Albert. The St. Albert Clock Tower is featured in many of his photographs, so it was only fitting that in 2014 the corner of Perron Street and Sir Winston Churchill Avenue (where the clock tower stands) was named Victor Post Park.

Post took many exhilarating photos of St. Albert that had never been taken before, some of which you see in the video above. To see more of his works centred on St. Albert, try our two activities below that will see if you can identify and date his photographs.

The first activity asks you to identify different objects in photographs: Photo ID Challenge.

Our second activity asks you to chronologically order some aerials of St. Albert: Photo Dating Challenge.

Once you think you have the correct answers, you can check out the answer keys:

Photo ID Challenge answer key

Photo Dating Challenge answer key

Thanks again for participating in this week’s two archives moments that look at the career of Victor Post. To learn more about him and his collection, please visit his fonds at You can also learn more about his exhibitions that were at our museum by visiting the following links: and