Archives Moment: Politics in Archives




The field of politics produces quite a bit of information in a variety of formats. As you will see in the video above, the Musée Héritage Museum Archives has amassed various types of records related to politics at all levels of government, with more concentration at the St. Albert civic level.



In an earlier Archives Moment blog, we had talked about another unique resource we have at our archives called information files, which are basically copies of records we have gathered over the years related to many different topics. Politics is definitely something that is covered in our information files. You are likely to see such things as newspaper articles covering significant decisions made in our city, election results, election campaign ephemera, and much more. We also have individual files on various politicians from our past, that contains records pertaining to their professional and sometimes personal lives.

It is also important to note the incredible online resources that are now available for everyone. Newspapers have been a great medium to look back on past events, in particular with political events. And thanks to the Peel’s Prairie Provinces website managed by the University of Alberta, you can search through many of Alberta’s newspapers, including the St. Albert Gazette and St. Albert Star. Our museum is proud to have participated in this project where we lent some of our microfilmed images of the newspapers to be digitized for this site.

We also have audiovisual materials such as jingles and video related to politics, such as materials on the various annexation attempts made on St. Albert by Edmonton. We have materials related to both sides in favour and rejecting annexation (below are radio ads about annexation of St. Albert).


We also have a unique listing at our museum archives pertaining to councillors and mayors in St. Albert. At the special request of former St. Albert mayor Nolan Crouse, we created a list of all those who served on council from 1967 and onwards. This listing includes all names of councillors and mayors, the councils they served, and their overall tenures.

If you are interested at looking at these types of materials or want to learn more about what we have at our archives, please feel free to contact us at or 780-459-1528.