Archives Moment: Maps show growth of St. Albert

In today’s Archives Moment video, we show additional maps from the Musée Héritage Museum Archives’ map collection that cover the latter half of the 20th century. What’s interesting to note, beginning with the 1960’s maps and onward, is the level of growth in St. Albert. New neighbourhoods keep getting added to St. Albert at a very quick pace, which you realize when you look at the ever increasing numbers and sizes of the maps in this era. An example being the tree map of St. Albert from 1980, which is actually five feet long!

The tree map illustrates another interesting way maps were used. The map outlined the trees on our streets by colouring each street. See if you you can figure out what kind of trees were planted along the streets of St. Albert!

Below is an activity that asks you to correctly identify the trees in different streets.

Archives Tree Naming Map Challenge

Answer Key

For teachers and students interested in learning more about how maps are interpreted, this site has some lessons and activities that can help you:

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