Archives Moment: Maps are more than you think!

The Musée Héritage Museum Archives has been accumulating different maps for almost forty years! We have the earliest maps of St. Albert from 1878 and 1884 as well as present day maps donated by the City of St. Albert’s Planning and Engineering department.

In the video above, you’ll see some of the different ways maps have be utilized over the years. Some are created to show the division of land, potential hazards or to highlight major projects that have occurred in our city.

One thing you may also note about the maps that are dated earlier than the 1960s, is that the street names were quite different than the ones we recognize today in St. Albert.  After the late 1950s, the street names slowly started changing to what we know today.

In light of this revelation, do you think you can match the old street names with our current ones? If so, try our activity below.

Archives Street Naming Map Challenge

Answer Key

Also check out this imaginative site that shows some very creative ways of making maps which you may never have thought of:

Here’s another activity if you’re up for it.

Try making a creative map of St. Albert! There are many different ways you could make the map stand out, such as outlining neighbourhoods or with the use of creative words or pictures. If you would like to share you creations with us, please email them to

Stay tuned for later this week as we share more maps from the Musée Héritage Museum Archives collection.

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