A behind the scenes look at the installation of our next exhibition

Everyone is always thrilled to see a new exhibition come in, but not everyone gets to see the work that takes place behind the scenes. This is a peek at our staff and volunteers at work this week, installing our next exhibition, Wus’kwiy/Waskway–From Berry Baskets to Souvenirs.
Most of our exhibitions require input from a many of our staff members, but this exhibition has required all staff to be involved! 

The first step was to take down the previous exhibition, Take Your Best Shot.
Celina, Tori, and JP putting together a display case


                  Getting ready to paint the walls


Once that was done, we started getting to work to paint the walls, get cases together for the berry baskets to be displayed in and choose where to display the information panels.

When the cases are ready, we will arrange the baskets to fit the themes of the exhibit. 
Then it is time to set the lighting levels so that it is at an appropriate level and will not damage the materials in the exhibit. 
JP and Roy working with a plexi panel

Roy is getting fabric ready to be used in the display cases

The museum staff invites you to drop in next week and see what the gallery looks like when the new exhibition opens on January 27, 2015! Opening reception January 29 from 6pm – 8:30pm.