Remembrance Day 2016

The Musee Heritage Museum, and the St. Albert Cenotaph, saw a great turnout for Remembrance Day 2016, as we commemorate the ongoing centenary of the First World War. At the museum more than 300 people dropped in to have a look at the displays and the large crowd gathered at the cenotaph was wonderful to see. It is good to see people take the time and remember those who sacrificed their lives for our peace and freedom here in Canada.


Displays at the museum included Canadian Women’s Army Corps uniform from World War II, belonging to Dorothy Chartrand, a local Metis woman.

We also displayed a framed copy of the St. Albert Roll of Honour, detailing many of the people from St. Albert that have served in military conflicts in the past, decorated with beautiful scrollwork and calligraphy.

There was a slide show of a World War I postcard, written and sent to Canada by Jean Poilve.  Jean was a French immigrant who settled in Alberta and then returned to France to serve in the French Army during World War I. He sent the postcards to his friends back home in Canada and Juliet Champagne, the daughter of those who had received the postcards, donated them to the Musée Héritage Museum.

In the Discovery Room there were plaques honouring the ten men from St. Albert who died in the First World War (the same ten names that are now on the cenotaph, after museum research led to the changing of the cenotaph plaque earlier this year).

We also displayed posters and newspaper front pages from the First World War, and had 1916 trivia panels. The panels were specific to 1916, in keeping with centenary celebrations.

World War II Canadian army helmets and tunics were available for visitors to try on and warm drinks were served to help visitors warm up after the ceremony.

Thank you to everyone that came out this season. We hope to see you again at next year’s Remembrance Day event!