Archives Moment: More than just paper

The Musée Héritage Museum Archives houses many different types of items in its collection. Paper documents are the most well known generally, but our archives also holds a substantial amount of audiovisual materials as well. Photographs are by the far the most requested items in our archives. Our photographs go all the way back to […]

Museum Moment: Tales of Law and Order

St. Albert’s First Laws  Did you know the first written, civic laws on the western prairies began in St. Albert? As the fur trading companies began to give up control of the Northwest, the people of St. Albert began to take the law into their own hands, literally. In 1864, Father Lacombe and a gathering […]

Heritage Sites Moment: Heritage and Horticulture

  At the St. Albert Grain Elevator park this spring, we have been busy weeding and planting our unique raised beds to be ready for you to see this summer. We plant these gardens each year to highlight the agricultural theme of the park and demonstrate what farmers were growing in this area over 100 […]

Heritage Sites Moment: The Conservation of St. Albert’s Grain Elevators

The 1929 green elevator has received some conservation and aesthetic attention this past month at the St. Albert Grain Elevator Park. To date, the logo and the top two-thirds of the elevator have received a fresh coat of green paint. Not only does this enhance the elevator’s beauty, but it also serves as an important […]