Archives Moment: Maps show growth of St. Albert

In today’s Archives Moment video, we show additional maps from the Musée Héritage Museum Archives’ map collection that cover the latter half of the 20th century. What’s interesting to note, beginning with the 1960’s maps and onward, is the level of growth in St. Albert. New neighbourhoods keep getting added to St. Albert at a […]

Archives Moment: Maps are more than you think!

The Musée Héritage Museum Archives has been accumulating different maps for almost forty years! We have the earliest maps of St. Albert from 1878 and 1884 as well as present day maps donated by the City of St. Albert’s Planning and Engineering department. In the video above, you’ll see some of the different ways maps […]

Heritage Sites Moment: Historic Belcourt House with its internal upgrade

In this week’s heritage sites moment, we take a look at the internal upgrades to the Belcourt House on River Lot 24 in St. Albert. Once the contractors had completed their part of the conservation of the Belcourt House it was time for us to add the finishing touches and return it to the time […]

Museum moment: Holding Onto Memories

Before the discovery of vaccines and antibiotics, disease took the lives of countless children each year. Father Lacombe’s sister, Christine Harnois, lost five children in a week from Diptheria. The Spanish Flu was even more virulent. The L’Hirondelles were one of St. Albert’s first families. Jacques senior joined the Northwest Company before 1811. His son […]

Museum Moment: Unprecedented?

During the Covid 19 pandemic “unprecedented” has become a favourite word. Disease is constant for humans, we just forget that history repeats itself. How have the many different epidemics and pandemics impacted us here in Canada?  Scarlet Fever and Measles, 1864: Roughly 1200 indigenous people in the Saskatchewan district (including Alberta) were killed by these […]

Heritage Sites Moment: Land Based Learning

River lots are long narrow farming lots that border a river and were a historic way that many Metis people lived. St. Albert River lots were set up by Metis families who were working at the local forts and were freighting goods in Red River Cart brigades from Red River (Winnipeg) to Fort Edmonton and […]

Heritage Sites Moment: River Lot 24

“The River Lot system pre-dates the sale of Rupert’s Land to the Dominion of Canada and the adoption of the standard rectangular township plan of Alberta…River Lot 24 is unique for its continued occupation by subsequent generations of the same Métis Family that settled in St. Albert after the mission was created by Father Lacombe.” […]

Archives Moment: Victor Post’s St. Albert photos

This Archives Moment continues to look at renowned St. Albert photographer Victor Post and his work that focused on St. Albert. Post was known for his photography, but did you know that he had many different interests in his life? As a child he developed an interest in experimenting with electronics and this would lead […]