Archives Moment: Head Turner

In this week’s Archives Moment, you’ll see one of the photographs in our archives that gets a lot of people’s attention, Wayne Gretzky posing with a Pro Stars Cereal box. It is one of the many photographs taken by renowned St. Albert photographer, Victor Post. The Victor Post fonds is the group of photographs that […]

Museum Moment: Pandemic exhibition online

Museums are known for highlighting historical events, and after creating the “Pandemic! A Cautionary Tale” exhibition in 2019, St. Albert’s Museé Héritage Museum staff members developed a deep understanding of pandemics and want to further share their knowledge with the community. The exhibition is now an online version and with submissions from the public, the plan […]

Hogan/Belcourt house conservation – Part 6: Interior

Continuing with our conservation series of blogs on the Hogan/Belcourt house on River Lot 24 in St. Albert. Once the plan for the restoration of the interior of a house is developed the physical work of restoration begins. The Standard and Guidelines for Conservation requires that we conserve as much as possible the original materials […]

Heritage Sites Moment: Restoration

  In this Heritage Site Moment video, you’ll see our Heritage Sites Facilities Manager talk about restoration work that has been going on for a number of years at our river lot sites.  River lot 24, the Metis river lot, includes the Belcourt and Cunningham Houses.  River lot 23, the Francophone river lot,  includes the […]

Heritage Sites Moment: Current projects

  The train station is located at the St. Albert Grain Elevator park site and sits alongside  two restored grain elevators originally built in 1906 and 1929. The station was built in 2005 to serve as a visitor centre, gift shop and meeting space.  This building also provides indoor space for education and community programming […]

Heritage Sites Moment: Father Lacombe Chapel

Alberta’s oldest wooden structure the Father Lacombe Chapel was built in 1861, before Canada was a country and more than forty years before Alberta became a Province, and its right in our own back yard! Metis families were already living along the Sturgeon River before 1861 and referred to the area as Mistahi Sikikikan or […]

Archives Moment: What’s our oldest archival item?

Welcome to our Archives Moment! One of the questions that our archivist often receives is what is the oldest archival item in Musée Héritage Museum Archives. In this week’s Archives Moment, our archivist gives you the answer and will even show it to you! The archival item in the video above is part of a […]

Museum Moment: Archives and Artifacts

Welcome to our first Museum Moment! In the clip above, our archivist gives you a sneak peek of our storage area. The Musée Héritage Museum collects both archival materials and artifacts. There is a difference between the two, watch the video for an explanation. After watching the video, test yourself with this activity to identify […]

Métis Archival Project

The archivist from the Musée Héritage Museum was invited to the University of Alberta for a workshop on the Métis Archival Project (MAP). The project is led by a team from the university’s Faculty of Native Studies. The workshop looked at the usability of the Métis National Council (MNC) Historical Online Database. Funded by the […]