Laying the path for In Their Footsteps: Part 2

Below are a handful of behind the scene images taken over the last week. They show staff and volunteers working hard to prepare over 100 pairs of moccasins and mukluks for the exhibition In Their Footsteps. Michelle Tracy, one of the guest curators, mentioned how moccasins with fabric lining can potentially be dated based on the […]

August 2018 at the Father Lacombe Chapel

Crafting was an important part of life out on the prairies. Knitting and crocheting to make warm clothes in the winter time, quilting to make a blanket not only to keep your family warm, but also to pass the long, cold winter evenings. Activities had their uses, to waste time doing nothing could result in […]

Laying down the path for In Their Footsteps

In preparation for our next exhibition, In Their Footsteps, the Musée Héritage Museum staff and volunteers are getting moccasins and mukluks ready for display. This exhibition displays a selection of footwear emphasizing the artistic creativity of the Dené, Cree, and Métis people of Western Canada. We welcome guest curators, Bill and Michelle Tracy, as they […]

Dyeing Wool with Marigolds

The other day, the interpreters at the St. Albert Grain Elevator Park decided to use some of the marigolds growing in front of the train station to dye some of the wool yarn that our friends at the Father Lacombe Chapel spun. This was something that was surprisingly easy to do using ingredients we already […]