From the Archives: Christmas carols

      To celebrate this holiday season, the Musée Héritage Museum would like to share recordings of Christmas carols from the archives. On December 20, 1987, the St. Albert Community Christmas Carol Celebration was hosted at the Arden Theatre for the first time, having been held in churches in the previous years. The event […]

Builders of Bridges: Part III – Archives of Marginalized & Under-Represented Groups

Hey, this is Vino again with the last part of my blog series based on the 2016 ACA conference.  My favourite session was looking at the “Archives of Marginalized & Under-Represented Groups” and discovering the different ways to help access these archives. Since starting my work life in the archives, I’ve been interested in getting more exposure on […]

Builders of Bridges: Part II – Activist (Active) Archivist

Hi everyone, this is Vino, the archivist at the Musée, continuing my blog series.  At many recent archives conferences there has been discussion about the use of social media and this was true again in Montreal in 2016, however the theme of the activist archivist resonated more strongly for me this time. During the 1970s, archives activism primarily […]

Builders of Bridges: Part I – Being Subjective

Being objective or impartial is deemed a strong quality in an archives when working with donors or creating a fonds in the archives. But perhaps that thought needs to be revised slightly. When I attended the 2016 ACA conference in Montreal, Heather Home from Queen’s University Archives purposed that archivists become more subjective. She gave […]