Archives Week: Coming to Alberta – October 1–8, 2016 at the Musée Heritage Museum

The Archives Society of Alberta (ASA) celebrates Archives Week every year in the first week of October. Each year a theme is chosen and this year’s theme is “Coming to Alberta,” highlighting people and the stories of immigration to Alberta. Throughout the week of October 1–8, 2016, the Musée Heritage Museum will celebrate Archives Week […]

Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd. Blog Series – Part 3: The Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd fonds

Hello again, and welcome to part 3 and the final entry of this blog series, “The Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd. fonds”!   In a nutshell, a fonds can be described as a group of documents that were naturally brought together through a series of activities of a particular person/organization. In the case of the […]

Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd. Blog Series – Part 2: Horses

Hi there, and welcome to part 2 of the Weiller & Williams Co. Ltd. blog series, “Horses”!   I have learned a lot more about horse breeding and racing than I will ever need to know.   Horses, like other animals require many things and much care and attention, especially racehorses. Before you can even […]