The Truth about Archives: Part II – South Asian Documentation Project, filling gaps in our history

This is Vino back at it, to share another blog on my experiences at the 2016 Archives Society of Alberta (ASA) conference in Canmore, Alberta. Building on my last blog, that looked at how archivists shape historical narratives, I wanted to talk about a particular session I attended. Often, archives recognize that there are gaps […]

The Truth about Archives: Part I – Decolonization of the Archives

Hi everyone, this is Vino with the first part of the Truth about Archives blog series. At the Archives Society of Alberta’s (ASA) 2016 conference there were a number of sessions related to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in Canada. These sessions highlighted the calls for action, specifically directed to museums and archives, stated […]

ASA Conference 2016: The Truth about Archives

Hi everyone, this is Vino back at it. I have the good fortune of being the archivist at the Musée Héritage Museum and also be a member of the Archives Society of Alberta (ASA). It has given me the opportunity to visit many different institutions and partake in professional development opportunities to both enhance my […]