Love in the Archives

In honour of Valentine’s Day, this blog post features some archival material about love and Valentine’s Day. When it comes to love and archives, we often think of love letters or diary entries, but our archives does not currently have such materials in its holdings.  However, we did find some interesting material on love. Valentine’s […]

Slavic Exhibit Opens February 14

Last year, the Musée Héritage Museum began doing research on Eastern European immigration into St. Albert since we had little information on the topic.  We had a researcher, Michal Mlynarz, approach various members of the St. Albert community to gather information about this aspect of our history.  From the research findings, we have created the […]

Update on the St. Albert Historical Society Photographs

While working on the St. Albert Historical Society’s photographs, we found that there are four photographs with a backdrop and the same car. Each image has different families or friends in the car.  On the back of one of the photos someone wrote “Picture taken at Exhibition”.  We are curious to know at what exhibition […]