Welcome to the 2020-21 school year, teachers or home-schooling parents!

Consider the Arts and Heritage Foundation’s Program Managers to create specialized learning field trip experiences for your students, whether it be online/virtual or small in-person groups.

We remain flexible with the variety of learning resources that we can provide you in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our programming staff are developing “in-school” or “small in-person group” field trip experiences, such as engaging instructional art videos, virtual tours of heritage sites, and compelling reference materials to match your school curriculum.

This could also include individual art supply kits to complement virtual field trip programs so that your students can work on activities in the classroom or at home, with their own supplies.

The AHF also has Indigenous programmers that are available to teachers and students for both classroom lessons and professional development:

The museum programming collection is available to teachers in an online format. Our programming collection can assist you in your Language, Arts, Social Studies or Science lessons and our Indigenous programmers can walk you through the artifacts and share their knowledge with your students.

The Art Gallery of St. Albert will be offering virtual and online gallery tours and interactive art activities—along with art kits. The Gallery’s educational clay, multi-media and Indigenous art programs can be tailored to your classroom or students’ learning needs.

For ANY program, we can do all the preparation work for you, so there is less for you to do – even less than traditional field trips! Our school field trip programming complements and integrates the Alberta Curriculum with activities that bring cultural history and art to life. They provoke discussion and enrich learning in social studies, language arts, science, religion, history (including Indigenous history & culture) and art.

To inquire about specialized programming, contact our managers below:

Shannon Vance
Art Gallery of St. Albert
P: 780-651-5735
E: shannonv@artsandheritage.ca
Sharon Morin
Musée Héritage Museum and Heritage Sites
P: 780-459-1528
E: sharonm@artsandheritage.ca

To book a field trip experience, contact our Program Registrar at: 780-459-1163 registration@artsandheritage.ca

Beryl Madden Field Trip Fund

The Arts and Heritage Foundation is committed to providing high quality curriculum-based programs for all students. We strive to make our programs accessible and if you require financial assistance please ask about the Beryl Madden Field Trip Fund. Funding is limited and allocated to schools who can demonstrate financial need and would otherwise not be able to attend. For more information please contact registration@artsandheritage.ca

Professional Development Workshops

Do you and your colleagues want a fun, educational art experience outside of school? If so, please contact Shannon Vance to find out what we can plan for you.