Our school programs complement and integrate the Alberta curriculum with hands-on, minds-on activities that bring cultural history and art to life. Programs provoke discussion and enrich learning in social studies, language arts, science, religion, history and art.

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A Community in the Past A History Lesson Abstract Art An “Olde Time” Classroom An Early Métis Community Angel Wall Plaque Basic Batik Bears Boom and Bust Christmas Around the World Clay: Alberta Flag Clay: Alberta Rose and Pines Clay: Animal Pencil Holder Clay: Bird’s Nest Clay: Brilliant Butterfly Clay: Christmas Tree Tea Light Clay: Cupcake Keepsake Clay: Easter Cross Clay: Elephant World Clay: Elfin Tooth Fairy Clay: Family Plaque Clay: Father’s Day Trophy Clay: Friends Forever Clay: Frogs and Toads Clay: Glowing Pumpkins Clay: Grain Elevator Scene Clay: Greek Frieze Clay: Ho Ho Ho Clay: I’m Unique Clay: Inuit Inspired Plaque Clay: Inuksuk Clay: Inuksuk (In-school field trip) Clay: Iroquois-Inspired Clay Pots Clay: Ladybug Clay: Lucky Dragon Clay: Manger and Star Clay: Manger Scene Clay: Masks and Peru Clay: Masks and Peru (In-school field trip) Clay: Metamorphosis Clay: Mom and Me or Dad and Me Clay: Nanook Clay: Nativity Figures Clay: Northwest Coastal Inspired Mask Clay: Nunavut Kayak Clay: O Christmas Tree Clay: Ocarina (Clay Whistle) Clay: Owl Clay: Parent Plaque Clay: Rose for Mom Clay: Standing Angel Clay: Stegosaurus Clay: Storytellers Clay: Tipi Scene Clay: Tunisian Doors Clay: Tyrannosaurus Rex Clay: Under the Sea Communities that Grow Decorative Eggs Exploring Art First Nations, Métis And Inuit (FNMI) Francophone History in St. Albert Historic St. Albert Tours Huichol Yarn Painting I Belong Inuit Inspired Printmaking Landmarks Lap Loom Weaving Linoleum Printing Living Long Ago Marvelous Monoprints Mission Hill Tours Mixed-Media Watercolour My Masterpieces My School – Past and Present My Shapes and Sizes Book Nature on Canvas Needle Felted Alberta Landscape Needle Felted Owl Oil Pastel Pictures Pen and Wash Peru and the Aboriginal People of Canada Rainbow Fish and Very Hungry Caterpillar Rocks and Minerals Self Portraits Slavic St. Albert Spring Along The River St. Albert and Tunisia The Fur Trade Game The History of Local Government The Inuit The Tipi as Home Tunisian Mosaics Very Messy Art Washed Up: Traders, Trappers And Coureurs Des Bois Window Clings Winter Animals Wonderful Watercolours Work and Play Worry Dolls Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow