Archives Moment: The legacy of the St. Albert Historical Society lives on

The St. Albert Historical Society (SAHS) disbanded in 2020, after 52 years of existence. Over those years, this society has done tremendous work to preserve St. Albert’s history. Their legacy will live on in many different ways. The SAHS started off in 1968 as a group of volunteers organized by Father Colin Levangie, OMI to […]

Discovery Room: Winter Transportation

Happy New Year from the Programming Team at the Musée Héritage Museum Getting around in the winter can be challenging at the best of times so can you imagine getting around without the modern conveniences that we have today? Looking back in time we see how people adapted to traveling during the winter. Father Lacombe […]

Museum Moment: St. Albert Founder’s Day

Why are We Here? The Catholic mission at Lac Ste. Anne was founded in 1844, but by 1860 things were not going too well. For nearly a year, the priests at Lac Ste. Anne had been searching for a location to establish a new mission. Father Rémas had written to Bishop Alexandre Taché that it […]

More Holidays 2020/2021

Already a new year, we hope 2021 will be a good year for you! If you still need a few crafts to make this season special, here are some more ideas. One of our favourite things to do during the holidays is to curl up with a good book. If there is a bookworm in […]

Museum Moment: From the Desk of the Program Manager

This week’s Museum Moment is about how we are Partners in Education and all the ways that we at the Musée Héritage Museum and Heritage Sites in St. Albert do that.  Education is happening in a variety of ways at the Musée Héritage Museum, and it continues to be a great place to learn about […]

December Holidays 2020

Once again, we are all facing a different kind of holiday season and the Arts and Heritage Foundation is here for you with some additional activity ideas to keep you busy during the holidays this year! We have more fun activities to help you connect with your friends and family without coming into close contact […]

Museum Moment: Christmas Holidays

We are all facing a socially distanced Holiday Season. This is an opportunity to be creative and find safe ways to connect with family and friends without coming into close contact. When you go to the Musée Héritage Museum blog we have posted some fun craft ideas that fit into an envelope, so you can […]

Museum Moment: Reconnecting with Tattoos

When the ‘Iceman’ was discovered in the Alps in 1991, he became the oldest surviving example of tattooing, carbon-dated to 5,200 years ago. The ancient tradition in Japan goes back roughly 7,000 years, based on examples of tattoos found on clay figurines. Across the globe, Egyptians, Romans, Peruvians and Polynesians all had their own tattooing […]

Museum Moment: Our summer student’s experiences before moving onto new things

My name is Erica Gonzalez; I recently graduated from the University of Alberta and began working with the Arts and Heritage Foundation of St. Albert (AHF) in the summer as their Canadian Summer Jobs student. As my time with AHF is coming to an end, I wish to share some of the wonderful experiences I […]

Museum moment: Gift shop web-page has been spruced up!

We have updated our Museum Shop so that you can view the items online before coming in and making your purchases. Here is the link: The webpage has only a portion of the items available. There are many more titles of books to choose from, as well as a great variety of gift items. […]